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It is a new era in education today. Nearly everyone in your institution is feeling pressure to measure, analyze, and report on many aspects of your student population. And many are being asked to show the return to your institution on the operational costs of recruiting, course offerings, and financing programs for your students. Fragmented data, rising education costs, increasing global competition for students, faculty, and staff, and heightened regulatory requirements are driving the need for insight and analysis of the core business of education. If you are still responding to these demands with spreadsheets, query tools, or add-on point solutions, your institution is at risk of falling further and further behind as the requirements for information continue to accelerate.


Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System

For senior managers today, the need for an integrated performance management system is a key challenge. No executive can operate alone: close collaboration across the complete value chain is critical to succeeding in the market. To manage performance, you need a single, connected system that delivers an integrated set of performance metrics and an integrated management process, so you can link strategic scenarios to operational management - and continuously translate this into first-rate financial results. A single shared system provides “one version of the truth”—a common view into all data sources across all financial and operational management processes.