Infor Sunsystems

Infor SunSystems Implementation

Meet change with confidence

Your traditional financial management system (FMS) locks you in to rules, structures, and business models that can’t evolve to meet your changing needs. But you need to redefine your systems on the fly, and respond to changing requirements and evolving strategies. While you may be able to keep up with change, your traditional FMS can’t—you’re in a constant battle just to make your system meet the current needs of your business. It’s time you got a financial solution that works the way you want it to—so when your needs change, your system can keep up. You can meet change with confidence and easily manage growth with Infor10™ Financials Business (SunSystems).


Adapt to change without changing

Your financial system should map to your business—not the other way around. But traditional systems are normally based on complex, segmented account codes that are difficult to maintain and change. Mirror your organization’s business structure in a way that’s easy to configure and extend with Financials Business, which has an innovative design that was developed with change in mind. Not only will you be able to realign analysis and reporting to meet your evolving business needs, but you’ll immediately see and report on any change you make—with smart transactions that capture the detailed data you need in order to change without changing.

Because you’ll never again be locked into a static structure, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly incorporate new product lines, organizational changes, and acquisitions.
  • Ensure measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs) match the state of your business today.
  • Protect your investment for the future and limit reliance on IT for business-level needs.

Get the information you need - fast.

It seems like far too often, you can’t access the information you need at the time you need it—either because you haven’t captured the right information, or because you can’t easily retrieve it. But you can take control with the unified ledger in Financials Business, which gives you fast, easy access to smart transactions that deliver not just data, but detailed information with context that you define.


Imagine having all your ledger data combined in one place, whether it’s from your general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, or even a user-defined ledger—without having to wait for batch updates or reconciliations. You’ll be able to close your books faster—resulting in lower costs and greater efficiency—with a unified ledger.


Streamline reporting and planning cycles with a single, integrated environment. Plus, make it easy for users and stakeholders to understand how your business is performing with immediate reporting and analysis. Decision-makers will get immediate access to the integrated finance and operational information they need to better manage your business.


Capture all the detail you need in the source system, and get a clear, complete view of your business from the very start. Finally, you can use spreadsheets as they were actually intended—to analyze the data in your system, not as an alternative place to store it. Because your financial information comes straight from the source, you can be confident it’s accurate and up to date.

Grow in any market.

Whether growth means new markets, acquisitions, or products, you need to adapt and respond to unique requirements with ease—and speed. Standardize financial management and adjust accounting structures quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank.


Get built-in international expertise - If growth means going global, it’s not enough to cover basic requirements like multiple languages and currency. You’ll be ready to handle all the global essentials with Financials Business, which has advanced features such as four-dimensional multi-currency and parallel accounting treatments.

Leverage one solution for all your needs - Simplify system management, streamline processes, and make your business less complex with one solution that brings everything together across different sites, countries, business units, companies, and corporate offices - and is flexible enough to handle their varying requirements.

Provide a consistent and auditable environment - Comply with local statutory, audit, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), and other regulatory requirements with built-in audit trails, alerts, and sophisticated data reconciliation. You’ll be able to handle simultaneous financial reporting requirements in multiple countries so you can close your books faster.