Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle Financials

Today’s fast-growing and dynamic organizations demand financial management solutions that can quickly adapt to changing business needs while helping them reduce costs, make smarter decisions, and continuously innovate. Oracle Financials, the financial applications in Oracle E-Business Suite, improves visibility, control, and efficiency while setting the foundation for good govern-ance and consistent growth.


Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System

For senior managers today, the need for an integrated performance management system is a key challenge. No executive can operate alone: close collaboration across the complete value chain is critical to succeeding in the market. To manage performance, you need a single, connected system that delivers an integrated set of performance metrics and an integrated management process, so you can link strategic scenarios to operational management - and continuously translate this into first-rate financial results. A single shared system provides “one version of the truth”—a common view into all data sources across all financial and operational management processes.


Globalization is unstoppable

It’s transforming entire industries and forcing organizations to rethink the business models and corporate strategies that have sustained them for decades.

Organizations that thrive in this new environment share several key characteristics: They’ve simplified and standardized their business processes. They’ve automated those processes. They’re providing real-time information across their enterprises. And they use Oracle E-Business Suite modules to meet the challenges of globalization with confidence.

With Oracle E-Business Suite, applications and technology come together to ensure that your organization can compete effectively in the world marketplace. Oracle helps you manage systems globally to lower costs, drive compliant business processes to compete locally, and deploy country-specific capabilities to operate anywhere in the world.


Oracle Manufacturing

The efficiency to fulfill the intended purpose. A focus on success. Making goods for a global economy. That’s performance-driven manufacturing. And it’s the type of solution that manufacturers around the world expect from Oracle.

In a global economy that is unprecedented in its connectedness, so much depends on how your business adapts. Getting more from your operations—and spending less—can make the difference between profit or loss. Everything matters.


Oracle Supply Chain Management

Oracle supply chain management solutions extend your reach around the globe. You can collaborate with partners across geographic regions, manage complex supplier networks, and quickly adapt to changing global business conditions.

We live in a world of incredible bounty and speed where any product can be delivered anywhere on earth. However, our world is also filled with challenges for business - where volatility, uncertainty, risk, and chaos are our daily companions. As we begin the twenty-first century, the twin influences of globalization and interconnectivity are driving an accelerating rate of change.